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“I want people to feel what I create, and take them through whatever mood they’re in to a place only hip hop could,” tells Everett Dre Longston when asked about the upcoming last release in his “#LOSTZOUNDS” EP to LP trilogy, which opened with “#LOSTZOUNDS” in 2013. Longston a 14-year rap veteran who began his career in Springfield, MA at the age of 9 in 2001 first known as Lil’ Dre (commercially releasing his first self-titled album in 2004), has since grown through stages moving from Springfield, MA to Brooklyn, NY at 14, to East Stroudsburg, PA at 21, back to Springfield, MA at 22 to become the artist now known as, Dre Zounds.

Zounds, who with the release of “#LOSTZOUNDS3OF3″ (#LZ3O3) will be releasing his first commercially released album since becoming an adult (last commercial album release “Lil’ Dre” 2004). This creative and world’s first ever EP to LP trilogy following his 2012 Mixtape release “EQUINOX” which featured his Brooklyn, NY music family LeCore Noah CEO of Hot Unstoppable Lyris (H.U.L.), Capital Fame, Smokey, Kayiness,  & Sanne and was produced by Ayo Bizzy & G4 Tracks is the elusive jewel to finally adorn the crown signaling the beginning of the Zounds Dynasty. The 2013 Part 1,“#LOSTZOUNDS” (#LZ1), showcased single “Forgiven Grudges (All Love)” a millennial version of Tupac’s 90′s hit “Do for Love”(vocals sampled from Bobby Caldwell’s What You Won’t Do For Love”) featured and was produced by Epic B, as well as Kay Dub. Part 2, “#LOSTZOUNDS2″ (#LZ2) released the following year again featured Epic B, but added NCO (Capital Fame & Capital Mar$), Twizzy, Learik and a special Zounds Edition of “Had Enough” with Khalil (original Khalil interlude of “Had Enough” off of his “A Long Story Short” EP), as well as notable production efforts from international producer Kaha Timoti, Kay Dub and CMBeats.

“I’ve been waiting for [Zounds] to really put out something that says ‘I’m back, it’s time’,” said Ladarius “Sanne” Winns, rapper featured on previous projects from Dre Zounds including “Non-Explicit” (2010) & “EQUINOX”, making his first appearance in the “#LOSTZOUNDS” trilogy on  the track “Calling”. Winns adds “#LOSTZOUNDS3OF3 is that something, and I’m proud to be on it with my bro.”

As Lil’ Dre, Zounds performed nationally including 2 times at The Stone Soul Festival (2004, 2005), the Hippodrome (2004) and at 2 times at the world famous Apollo (2005, 2006). The re-imaging of Zounds has been a long-time coming after being shelved by a record label, a 2 year hiatus started in 2008 to independently releasing 4 projects, and performing at events/venues such as Karma, Night At The Asylum Concert, Kush and Paramount, opening & performing alongside talents like Jadakiss, Juelz Santana and Remy Ma. With the management of A La Mode and recently signing to a minor record label, A La Musick Group, Zounds is poised to make sure his #LOSTZOUNDS stay found.

The listen only debut of #LOSTZOUNDS3OF3′s lead-off single, “What I’m Reppin’”, on Zound’s Birthday “Friday the 13th” March 2015 was well received, even more so when he performed it live alongside Sanne in New York at Smash Studios. “What I’m Reppin’” will be available on most digital music distributors including iTunes, Google Play, Rdio, Spotify etc.

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Take a listen to the heavily anticipated #LOSTZOUNDS3 of the #LOSTZOUNDS EP trilogy from Dre Zounds. Listen to all 3 and see if you can pick the best one for taste. These are his zounds.






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