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Springfield, MA Native Harlo Rose, born Nathan McPhail, was known for holding a tune before finding his home spitting bars on his first EP entitled Milton Waves, which also marks his first time in a recording booth. Fueled by recently becoming a father of 2 daughters and wanting to express the precarious path he found himself on — wanting to set the best example as a father and a man, but wanting to provide the better life he felt his daughters deserved. While doing what he felt best to provide for his family and deciding to give music a real shot he was shot multiple times. Fortunately, he drove himself down the MassPike to the hospital and survived signaling all the more that it was time for a new leaf.

“Went from baggin’ up to gettin’ bagged up, division was off I didn’t add up. I had to dumb it down, barely even able to function now, I still wonder how…my close friends straight told on me…not the half-truth, but the whole story.” – Harlo Rose, Milton Waves – 543 Apologies

However, he was caught between a rock in a hard place when charges were brought against him just prior to the completion of his first EP. While released Harlo Rose successfully completed and released the regionally acclaimed project. He’s awaiting the verdict of his charges, but one thing is for sure music isn’t just a passion, it’s an opportunity — a purpose.

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The recent freshman project released by Harlo Rose entitled Milton Waves is a real-life soundtrack. Truly telling the story of his 2015-2016 from the triumph of fatherhood to getting shot and caught in the streets to surviving and finding redemption in the solice of sounds. It’s an emotional ride you’ll be glad you took and music you will feel compelled to share, not to mention he sings.

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