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Tayyib Ali is a 23 year old artist from Philadelphia, PA music was instilled in him from a very young age. Ali began to hone his rap skills at the tender age of 10. He spent the majority of his teenage years perfecting his trade. For Ali, a hobby quickly turned into a burning passion. He had the talent and drive to succeed.

From Philly to LA, Tayyib Ali’s fan base is rapidly growing, as is his already extensive music archive. He is the kind of artist whose music mastery is undeniable, a unique style impossible not to notice.

Through focus and hard work, some doors began to open for the young Ali when he was 17. Performing in front of a sell-out audience at the Kamikazz Festival in Greenwich, Connecticut he opened for Shwayze. It all came full circle when Ali found himself on that same stage a year later. Only this time he was the headliner. Throughout his young career, Ali has been influenced by a few artists. Many whom have reached out and taken the young MC under their wing.

With creative lyrics, catchy vocals, and a variety of original beats Ali began to develop a following. Upon releasing his singles, “Cold World”, “PA Chillin’”, “What My Father Told Me”, and “Kid Again” Ali’s fan base has stretched throughout the New England area. In early 2010 Tayyib started to build a dedicated team with the main objective of reaching the next level. He has developed a very young and passionate fan base. You can hear many of Ali’s tracks blaring from dorm windows and frat parties throughout New England. This leading to a growing sense of anticipation and excitement for his debut EP entitled “Eighteen.”

Ali’s 2011 sophomore mixtape ‘Keystone State of Mind‘ gained over 20,000 downloads in its first week alone, while maintaining its spot at the top of’s list of hottest mixtapes for five days in a row.

“Maybe it’s the catchy ’60s lounge sample, maybe it’s Ali’s smooth, friendly flow and honest message, but (we) can’t stop listening to the title track. “Rap is my life,” he says at the end of the track. “This is what I’m passionate as hell about.” You can tell.” – Nylon Magazine

In July/August 2012, Tayyib Ali completed his first national co-headlining tour, the Visionary Music Group Tour, along with Logic. Selling out 20 of 25 shows. The MC has toured with, collaborated with, and been produced by names such as Wiz Khalifa, Mac Miller, Logic, Jahlil Beats & many more. With soulful lyrics, original beats, and an authentic hip-hop vibe, Ali is making moves to the top.

Ali released his third mixtape “Keystone State of Mind 2” & kicked off a 25 city cross-country tour with Cisco Adler and ModSun. After the tour, he collaborated with Adler on his fourth EP, One Way, that released summer 2013.

“I didn’t discover Jay Z, just like I didn’t discover Tayyib, or Steve [Rifkind], didn’t discover him he was already hot. We just put a match to the oil, you know.” – Russell Simmons, Music Mogul, on signing Tayyib Ali

After years of putting in the ground work, Tayyib Ali signed his first deal in 2014 with Steve Rifkind, the music mogul who founded Wu-Tang Clan, Akon, Asher Roth, and David Banner. Whether the Philly rapper, that started honing his rap skills at the tender age of 10, achieves the legendary status like Wu-Tang or hold multiple chart-topping spots like Akon is unknown. One thing is for sure, Tayyib is on his way to something big under Rifkind’s guidance. Shortly after signing his first record deal, Russell Simmons officially released his first single “Do It” (High School Dropout) which featured on live television.

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With more than 2,000,000 streams on his latest single released under Russell Simmons’ Def Jam house on Spotify alone, Tayyib Ali warrants nothing less than recognition, respect and your ear on his music and what’s in store from this artist entering his prime. Giving you that new age 90’s flow!

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