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Krystal Parks, better known as Wild B, is a singer/songwriter, Pop, R&B/Soul performing & recording artist, entrepreneur and model born in Chicago, IL, where she spent her early years before migrating to Orlando, FL where she currently resides. Music being Wild B’s first introduction to the entertainment industry it acted as her gateway into an unexpectedly successful career as a model gracing the sites, pages and covers of magazines like Urban Magazine, OneTen Magazine, Model Modele and DJ Smallz Eyes’s “The White Couch”, where she amassed a devout fan base across social media of over a quarter million followers and counting. Wild B is best known for her debut single “Roll It Up” which released in April 2017 and hit the radio stations, most notably during her interview on “The Durrty Boyz Show” of Hot 107.9 FM in Atlanta.  Wild B joined with the independent management label, jøTū Collective, with her follow up single “Con Man” from her upcoming debut project ‘These Pillows Talk’ projected to release Spring 2018.

“Society too often allows people to develop preconceived notions of people before they even recognize they’re less than skin deep,” Wild B sarcastically states “I guess I’ll have to be an “Instagram Model” obliterating stereotypes one song at a time.”

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Interwoven with personal stories, anecdotes and experiences Wild B, takes on a sonic journey with each of her songs. Her single “Roll It Up” is the most recent channeling her smoke and vibe mood. With “Con Man” drawing from experiences when things aren’t always what they seem, but sometimes we’re helpless and fall for the tricks we want to believe so bad.

Con Man


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