Toronto-based creative songwriting, producing and performing duo, Lasko & Kestler, announce their re-signing to jøTū. Lasko & Kestler, who traditionally have given away all of their music, are set to release their first project commercially, ‘creatures.’, an EP the duo describes as, “a minimalist approach to an urban/atmospheric soundscape” under the management of jøTū Collective, official release date TBA. The EP, ‘creatures.’ will be a welcome aperitif leading to the release of their follow up a full-length project, ‘blood summer.’, upcoming singles and official release date TBA. ‘blood summer.’ is said to “lean a little more towards a more organic experience and songwriting approach to the duo’s L&K world and sound.”

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Lasko & Kestler: ‘creatures.’ the Visual Album

Kill kill kill. 8 songs. 8 lives. She used to have many friends.
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Toronto-based duo Lasko & Kestler present their 8-song visual album ‘creatures.’ – inspired by and cut to classic 1970’s giallo (Italian slasher) film by some of the greats in the genre.
All tracks written, produced and performed by Lasko & Kestler (track 3 written & produced with JAKES).
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01. What’s Your Name?
02. Problems (Smoke & Drink)
03. Drop It Low
04. On It Again
05. Cut Me Deep
06. Small House
07. If Heaven Is the Same
08. Brighton Lust